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The Rooms Are Hot!

The Rooms Are Hot!

Expensive mechanical zoning still has some comfort issues!
More expensive second systems still have some comfort issues!
We simply force all the air to mix evenly for much less!

Free in home demonstration and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Home Owners are All Frustrated About Their Air Conditioning Never Getting Up into Their Hot Bedrooms!

It's every family, its every home, its every neighbor, its every neighborhood.  Home Owner's ask, why does all our air conditioning settle to the lower level and never reach up into our hot bedrooms?

We all know there should be a simple adjustment that tells the air conditioning to get up into our hot bedrooms where it was meant to go, and is needed the most.

Cold air falls, hot air rises, and your home has a central thermostat, and, your system has weak air flow! With that set up your cold lower levels and your hot bedrooms can't ever be the same temperature as the thermostat level.

Powerzoned Air Conditioning is a simple technique that was developed to successfully air condition your hot bedrooms. It will work for you. Not one client has ever complained about the results.

Our Zoning System Automatically:

1. Forces the cold air into the bedrooms.

!!! Solved !!!

Check MarkOven Hot Summer Bedrooms
Check MarkHot Sleepless Nights
Check MarkWeak Air Flow
Check MarkChilly Wine Cellar Basements
Check MarkTemperature Control Problems

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(Approx. - $1,295(Basic) - $2,195(Deluxe))

2. Forces the hot air out of the bedrooms.

!!! Solved !!!

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!!! If You Call !!!

(Approx. - $1,295(Basic) - $2,195(Deluxe))

Powerzoned Air Conditioning

We can fix any of your houses in one day, in three easy steps.+

  • 1st step is to rearrange how to power the air conditioning up into your hot bedrooms using your existing equipment.
  • 2nd step is to rearrange how to trap the really cold air conditioned air in your hot bedrooms while powering the really hot air out.
  • 3rd step is to show you how to be in control.

*It logically follows that what we do works just as well for winter.
*Costs around 2,195.00
*Two Stories • Tri Levels • Raised Ranches • Ranches • Mansions • Finished Basements
*Brand names, (Lennox, Train, Carrier) make no difference. None of them is the solution.

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