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The Rooms Are Hot!

The Rooms Are Hot!

Expensive mechanical zoning still has some comfort issues!
More expensive second systems still have some comfort issues!
We simply force all the air to mix evenly for much less!

Free in home demonstration and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

About Us

This is about our journey. Powerzoned air conditioning was introduced in 1998. To date we have not had one mishap, one incident, or one complaint. With a little bit of humor and no disrespect these are the ongoing issues. The only criticism we get comes from licensed engineers, dealers and field techs. These industry trained experts are the ones that design and install their air conditioning systems into your homes. During the process the air conditioning installation is reviewed and certified by a trained municipal inspector. None of the above mentioned professionals admit to any shortcomings concerning how they perform their jobs. In other words you, the homeowners, are all overreacting. 

Frustrated homeowners, like you, are just imagining that the boiling hot bedrooms are hot enough to comfort scorpions and snakes! On the same day, the meat locker basement is cold enough to comfort penguins and polar bears. And oh, by the way, homeowners are only imagining how weak the airflow is in some rooms.

You would think, due to all the technological advancements since the space age started in the 60's, that your professionals would have corrected all these frustrating issues by now?

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Our Zoning System Automatically:

1. Forces the cold air into the bedrooms.

!!! Solved !!!

Check MarkOven Hot Summer Bedrooms
Check MarkHot Sleepless Nights
Check MarkWeak Air Flow
Check MarkChilly Wine Cellar Basements
Check MarkTemperature Control Problems

!!! If You Call !!!

(Approx. - $1,295(Basic) - $2,195(Deluxe))

2. Forces the hot air out of the bedrooms.

!!! Solved !!!

Check MarkFree In Home Demo
Check MarkGuaranteed Before We Start
Check MarkGuaranteed Results Before You Pay Us
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!!! If You Call !!!

(Approx. - $1,295(Basic) - $2,195(Deluxe))

"We are your comfort rebels."

We asked the same questions you did.
We dreamed of a better solution to the issue.
There is absolutely no remodeling for the work we do. All our work complies with industry standards, practices, and codes. We protect the gas appliances, their burners and flues, their warranties, and all occupants.

Our technique rarely lowers your air conditioning bill. Your air conditioner is the right size for your house. Your duct work is the right size for your house. Your Air leakage is minimal and actually healthy for dropped areas, soffits, chases, etc.. What we do is make sure your air conditioning cools your hot bedrooms efficiently without raising your air conditioning expenses very much if any.

We provide a free in home demo, analysis, and proposal. Our 100% guarantee is: we don't get paid anything until our work is done and the results are satisfactory.

For every 20 homes that are corrected with our method we will donate one free installation for a disabled vet or other deserving person with disabilities.

Brand names, (Lennox, Train, Carrier) make no difference. None of them is the solution.

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Endorsements from knowledgeable industry professionals, and home improvement guru's like Ken Moon, Bob Villa, Lou Manferdini, Tom Martino, Oprah Winfrey, etc, etc... ='s NONE!

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