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The Rooms Are Hot!

The Rooms Are Hot!

Expensive mechanical zoning still has some comfort issues!
More expensive second systems still have some comfort issues!
We simply force all the air to mix evenly for much less!
We have fixed houses in 13 states since our network TV special in 2005.

Free in home demonstration and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Fix Cooling Homeowners Hot Rooms

Fix the industry first.

Historically, the industry has only managed to keep the equipment and thermostats happy, but the homeowners are not happy!!

  • The furnace
  • The burners
  • The flues
  • The heat exchangers
  • The controls
  • The fans 
  • The air conditioner
  • The freon
  • The compressor
  • The coils
  • The controls
  • The fans

Multi-level homes are like Oreo cookies. The middle level, where the thermostat's located, is the only level in the home that is happy!!

Our family has been in the air conditioning and heating business since the 1950's. We discovered the scientific simple physics of taking the next step beyond current industry standards in 1995. For liability reasons and to guarantee compliance with industry codes and practices we delayed our discovery until 1998.

* Beware of fraudulent pretenders who don't have the background, experience, training, or licensing to safely correct your home!!

* Remember there is a meter for your electric piping, there is a meter for your water piping, and there is a meter for your gas piping. There is no meter for your air piping. It takes our expert experience to safely fix your air flow to those hot bedrooms!!

Powerzoned Air Conditioning has Taken That Next Step Beyond Industry Standards.

Fix Your House with Powerzoned Air Conditioning in One Day in 3 Easy Steps.

  • First step is to correct your existing system so it can dislodge the pools of cold stagnated air stuck at the bottom.
  • Second step is to use that same correction to power that cold air up to the top with enough air flow to force the hot air out.
  • Third step is to provide a censor preventing the problem from ever reoccurring.
  • Fix cooling the hot rooms no matter what the thermostat is programed to do.


Our Zoning System Automatically:

1. Forces the cold air into the bedrooms.

!!! Solved !!!

Check MarkOven Hot Summer Bedrooms
Check MarkHot Sleepless Nights
Check MarkWeak Air Flow
Check MarkChilly Wine Cellar Basements
Check MarkTemperature Control Problems

!!! If You Call !!!

(Approx. - $1,295(Basic) - $2,195(Deluxe))

2. Forces the hot air out of the bedrooms.

!!! Solved !!!

Check MarkFree In Home Demo
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!!! If You Call !!!

(Approx. - $1,295(Basic) - $2,195(Deluxe))

"We are your comfort rebels."

We asked the same questions you did.

We dreamed of a better solution to the issue.

Powerzoned air conditioning can fix cooling homeowners hot rooms.


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